The fashion and its predecessors

Already, the ancestors of Homo sapiens have covered about 600 000 years before her body with leaves and raw skins. Thanks very hairy, they were not seriously exposed to the weather. Was it to ward off demons, or to take a jewelry needs into consideration? It can not tell anymore.

From the first garments, which were for men and women of a different nature, from the Paleolithic cave paintings bear witness to 20 000 BC, but well ahead of the birth of Christ were formed out first art skills. There was fabric of wool and flax linen. Prehistoric forms of garments, we still found today in our wardrobe. Even in ancient times, which also touches on a few centuries of our era, was the subject of fashion apparel. It was simple, but by the nature of the substances was clearly the status of its wearer. The upper class was reserved for silk. The origins - Greek, Egyptian or Roman - you could look at the people on their clothes. From the early Middle Ages until the end of the 19th Century experienced the fashion, not only in clothing, tremendous changes. Professional affiliation, occupation, and also causes each requiring a separate garment. Even the soldiers succumbed to the clothing tastes.

The fashion to the present

In the 20th Century changed fashion trends in unprecedented pace. The Haute Couture was created, the pants became an obvious piece of clothing for the ladies, and Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion world by plain clothes lent nobility. Together with Jean Patou, they invented the so-called Little Black, a classic that continues to this day. Well-known designers had a great time, and in the second half of last century, the youth marched to the attention of fashion designers.

Clothing has nowadays in all walks of life and at every opportunity its particular style, even if this style is now called Style. Not always you can see here the institution of the social origins, as dress codes, there are fortunately only a few areas, but who have nothing to do with the status. Although not everyone wants to support the latest fashion and can, as you show but now in a very individual way to distinguish themselves from others, or what idols like the same man. The protective function of the clothing plays only a minor role. The man wants to be respected and it was by what he wears on his body. The fashion set trends, not dictated - and is still allowed, anything goes.

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